Jun 17 2013
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Curing my Monday blues.

Jun 16 2013
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This Is The End

It’s been 5 days and I can’t stop talking about it. I’m pretty sure I had dreams similar to this movie and somehow Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg found out and made it to freak me out.


Jun 16 2013

Before Midnight

I’m so happy to be making time for movies lately.

I guess my taste right now are the painfully realistic (Before Midnight) and the unbelievably outrageous (This Is The End).

The “Before” series is such a labor of love and I’m still amazed that they made 3 movies for us. I actually hope this is the last one. Jesse & Celine forever.

May 28 2013
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Chris Pine, what a fox.


May 14 2013
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Goodbye My Lover: A Personal Farewell to The Office

[I submitted this to a website but didn’t know there was 2 week review process. I put it on here because this will be irrelevant after May 16.]

In a season 3 episode, Michael Scott coped with his breakup to girlfriend Carol by repeatedly playing an audio sample of James Blunt’s Goodbye My Lover. When The Office airs its final episode on May 16th, I’m afraid I might resort to the same irrationally depressed behavior.

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May 07 2013
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Shouts to Marion Cotillard & Lena Dunham for their background work.

May 05 2013
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Ain’t No Party Like a Scranton Party

This brings me so much joy. People of the Office headed to Scranton, PA for a wrap party and parade. I wish I was there. I’m just glad it happened.

Jim & Pam

Michael Scott is back!

Kevin/Jim chest bump

Photos: Office Tally

Apr 24 2013
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Childhood, teenage, adulthood crushes.

Apr 16 2013
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Leo DiCaprio in Esquire

Leo DiCaprio in Esquire

Apr 14 2013

I haven’t watched this clip 5 times. 

Ok, yes I have. 

Is it May yet?!

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